Elina Zavala

Cycling Instructor

Hi, I'm Elina!

Elina relocated to Northern Arizona about one year ago from the Cayman Islands. She was performing as a Flamenco dancer, jazz singer, and DJ, and also worked with the cruise line Royal Caribbean in a comedy hypnosis show. Elina fell in love with indoor cycling nearly 10 years ago, when she was living in New York City. The immersive experience captivated her, and she went on to ride at studios around the world, finally finding her teaching home at RYDE Cayman in Grand Cayman. You can find Elina pouring wine and giving tours at Page Springs Cellars. She continues to study and sing Flamenco music, and loves bringing all genres of music to her classes. She is thrilled to be a part of the first indoor cycling community of its kind in Cottonwood!

Cycling Instructor

Life is to short not to dance.

Elina Zavala

More about me

Why people love my classes.

They leave with a huge smile on their faces, knowing they pushed themselves and worked hard, and had a blast doing it!

How I put positivity in motion.

I like to take the pressure off the goal of “exercise” and burning calories…Instead focusing on the music, and really connecting with my body, releasing any stress and thoughts about the day…before I know it, the class is finished and I’m feeling amazing!!!

Outside of Sultivate™

I love to dance, hike, read, make tacos, and enjoy amazing wine with friends.

Have you taken my class before?

I always welcome your feedback!