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About Pilates and Fitness Classes at Sultivate?

We’re a strong, diverse team of wellness enthusiasts, and we’re here to help you find positivity in motion.

Hi, I’m Makenzie, and my journey probably started in a similar place to yours.


If you’ve ever felt:

  • Uncomfortable in your own skin
  • Unseen by fitness class instructors
  • Unwelcome in a traditional gym setting
  • Incapable of working out on your own, or at all
  • Confused about where to start on your fitness journey

Or just plain nervous to start making healthy decisions for your life… I founded Sultivate with you in mind.


Maintaining an inclusive Pilates community that you fit right into, is important to me.


If any of the fears and feelings above sound familiar – you’re not alone. But there is a solution. Let’s talk about Pilates…

About Pilates and Group Fitness

A fitness community for literally everyone.


Sultivate isn’t a traditional gym. It’s not a one-size-fits-all fitness program. It’s a lifestyle. But most importantly – it’s a community built for you… and for us.


We want to be part of your health and fitness journey and help cut through the unrealistic perceptions of what it means to be ‘fit’. Because let’s face it – fitness has become a buzzword. Social media and influencers set unrealistic expectations and perceptions of what fitness means.


This false advertising derails us all. Destroying the hope and motivation you deserve to feel as you make lifestyle changes. That’s why we want to bring positivity and community back to your health and wellness journey.


We believe a key part of sticking to lifestyle changes and meeting fitness goals is your support system. Booking a class with Sultivate immediately adds that personal element and community you’ve been missing at your last gym.

Still not sure about Pilates? Let’s dive deep into the benefits Reformer Pilates offers.

Benefits of Reformer Pilates


No matter the reason that traditional gyms and exercises aren’t your jam, Reformer Pilates is guaranteed to change your perceptions of working out.


There are so many benefits of Reformer Pilates to your health. It would take all day to talk about them. So let’s stick with some of the basics…

  • Low impact: not a lot of stress on your body, but it still gives you the benefits of a great workout.
  • A strong core workout: helps you prevent injuries, or even recover from them by building the core muscles that affect every part of your body’s movement.
  • Easy exercise modification: all exercises can be changed to fit your specific body strengths or limitations.
  • Weight loss: a safe and effective way to lose weight, while also gaining the encouragement and motivation you need in a group setting. Or book a private lesson.
  • Muscle and strength training: and no spotter needed! Using the built-in resistance of the reformer, plus a few extra tools we have stocked, and your body weight is all you need.

Reformer Pilates can improve your quality of life. All you have to do is find the right fitness community and commit to showing up.

What makes Pilates different at Sultivate?


Unlike many gyms and Pilates studios, we emphasize building connections between students and instructors. As well as HAVING FUN in our Pilates and Group Fitness classes.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share a passion for Pilates is the first step.


At Sultivate, you can expect:

  • An ever-growing holistic approach to group fitness.
  • Small class sizes for a more intimate, personalized experience.
  • A casual, fun environment, that promotes engagement and community, rather than creating lots of studio rules against talking.
  • Experienced instructors with a flair for customizing their classes to meet you where you’re at in your fitness journey. Beginner thru expert.

We have one goal in mind – To help you reach your fitness goals and enjoy your journey along the way. Oh yeah, we also want to make sure you leave each class feeling AMAZING!

Guidance that's


We help you achieve your unique personal goals. Our classes work towards fulfilling your needs and desires.

Results that are


Feel amazing and strong in every aspect of your life. From lifting heavy objects to keeping up with the (grand)kids.

An experience that's


Leave our classes feeling like your best self – every time. Positivity in motion… because moving your body makes you feel great!

Meet your Pilates and Group Fitness instructors.

The only way we can give you the support you need is through our amazing team of instructors and trainers. Our team specializes in keeping you safe and helping you get the individual results you want and need. Bringing movement and momentum to your fitness journey matters to them.


Each of our instructors offers private lessons as well as group class instruction.