Helping people find

Positivity in Motion

Fitness has become a buzz word. Expectations for what it means to be fit have risen to unrealistic expectations, often leading people to lose motivation or feel lost in their pursuit to mimic what is advertised as perfect on social media. More importantly, these unrealistic expectations have taken the positivity out of something that’s supposed to be helping you reach your full potential.

At Sultivate, you can expect to be surrounded with like-minded people sharing this same passion for Pilates, along with an ever growing holistic approach to nutrition and group fitness. Our experienced instructors customize each class to suit your individual needs and experience level with one ultimate goal in mind: To help others reach their own fitness goals and enjoy the journey along the way.

Guidance that is


We help every person achieve their unique physical goals.

Results that are


Don’t just feel amazing in front of the mirror, feel amazing everywhere.

An experience that is


Our goal is that you leave each class feeling like your best self.

Our team of trainers and instructors at Sultivate specialize in keeping each body safe and active during class, while keeping in mind everyone’s specific and individual needs. Each trainer and instructor teaches group class settings as well as private lessons.