Pilates Studio in Sedona

Sultivate Instructors

Who we are – we’re here to meet your goals.


Hey friend, want to learn more about us? Here’s our secret… everything we do is about helping you on your fitness journey.

Our Pilates instructors and Group Fitness instructors join Sultivate because they share our mission – of creating positivity through motion.

Their goal? Help you get – or keep – the healthy, active lifestyle you deserve. The one that enables you to do everything on your “want list” AND your “need list”.

Things like:

  • Lifting your children or grandkids
  • Carrying all your shopping in from the car
  • Choosing the 5-mile hike, rather than the 1 mile
  • Drinking a Frappuccino at Dutch Brothers, worry-free
  • Getting out and moving your body with friends for FUN
  • Running that 5k you’ve been tiptoeing around… without dying afterwards
Whatever your why is, we’re here for it.


All our instructors have a comprehensive knowledge of the class(es) they teach. There is no one-size-fits-all format here. Because each and every instructor and student is different.

So whether you’re looking for:

  • Reformer Pilates
  • Barre
  • Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • Mat Pilates
  • Dance Fitness
  • Zumba

Each instructor is capable of keeping you safe and active throughout your class. While also balancing your specific, individual needs and goals. Every instructor is available for group classes and for private lessons.

Want to know who you’re working out with? We would, too! Check out our instructor bios to find the right fit.

Sultivate Pilates Instructors & Group Fitness Instructors


Owner/Lead Personal Trainer

“Joe was great. It was an awesome workout that left no muscle group behind. Joe is also very personable and easy to talk with… Highly recommend.”

– George R.


Owner/Lead Pilates Instructor

“Sultivate and Makenzie have been the missing piece in my life! I’m obsessed w her reformer Pilates class, I’m hooked for life!…”

– Kim R.
Pilates Instructor


Studio Manager & Pilates Instructor

Vanessa was wonderful, our class worked all muscle groups and was incredibly well explained…. We wanted a workout and we got one!

– Nicole H.


Pilates & Zumba Instructor

“Kaycee runs a great reformer class and helps students focus on improving form and technique, while keeping the class fun.”

– Kathy F.


Pilates & Barre Instructor

“Jenna rocked it! Great class! Great core workout!”

– Shelley R.


Pilates Instructor

“Terrie is always great!”

– Janet R.


Pilates Instructor

“Bridgett is an excellent instructor. The workout was great!”

– Sakinah N.


Zumba Instructor

“Music is on point, choreo is fun and accessible! Love the way Rose keeps it fresh and brings a warm and welcoming energy to the class… learning so much from her!”

– Devin A.


Pilates Instructor

“Kaitlyn was amazing as usual”

– Vanessa M.


Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

“Elizabeth is an amazing instructor and really makes a positive difference.”

– Amy B.


Personal Trainer

“Sarah is high energy, attentive to details and suggestions to ensure you get the best out of your workout. I always enjoy her classes. Would take any she offers.”

– Carrie H.


Pilates Instructor

“Jeffery’s classes are great. He knows reformer exercises well to work out the whole body.”

– Tamara W.


Pilates Instructor

“Hey! I’m new… come take my class and let me know what you think!”

mat pilates instructor


Pilates Instructor & Mat Pilates Instractor

“Carla is challenging and always gives a good workout with varied exercises.”

– Diana M.


Dance Fitness Instructor

“Wonderful energetically led class with Candice with great stretching at the end!”

– Jan D.

Hopefully, you feel you know us a bit better now. But the real magic happens in person. Book a class – we’d love to get to know you too!

Regardless of who’s class you book, we guarantee you’ll walk away feeling better than when you came in.