Zumba, Strength Barre, and TRX Instructor

Hi, I'm Sarah!

Sarah has been teaching fitness and strength since 2012. Coming from a background where I always struggled with my body and weight, I stumbled across a Jillian Michaels dvd and fell in love with how working out made me feel. It was then that I found my purpose and knew I wanted everyone to experience how amazing I felt. Since then I’ve become a certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist, myofascial release and rehabilitation specialist, behavioral specialist and nutrition coach. I have fallen in love with how amazing working out can inspire self love and motivation.

For the best is only bought at the cost of great pain- the thorn birds


More about me

Why people love my classes.

People love to be encouraged to their full potential and I’m here to be your cheerleader! It’s not for me, it’s you and I KNOW you are capable.

How I put positivity in motion.

Fitness is enjoyable with great people and great music. All of the people that come to the studio are more than amazing and make my best the best part of my day.

Outside of Sultivate™

Outside of the studio, I am a full time mama, love to hike and explore, dance, sign and live life!

Have you taken my class before?

I always welcome your feedback!