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Sedona Pilates
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Pilates in Sedona ︱Pilates & Group Fitness in Cottonwood.

If you’re looking for Pilates in Sedona or Cottonwood, want to break a sweat with a few friends, or simply want one-on-one private instruction… you’ve come to the right place!


Finding the motivation to workout and maintain your healthy lifestyle alone can be challenging.


That’s why we started Sultivate in the first place. We wanted to join a diverse community that would keep us on track with our goals.


And since it wasn’t in the Verde Valley already – we built it. For us and for you.

Get the inside scoop...

Is Sultivate the right Fitness & Pilates community for me?

We offer Pilates and group fitness classes that meet the needs of every level. Are you a beginner? Join us in a class. You’ll be welcomed like a long-time friend.


Are you an expert? We promise you’ll get the challenging workout you’re looking for while enjoying our fitness community.


The best part… one of our main priorities is making sure you feel comfortable, welcomed, and invited in every class you attend. Regardless of your fitness level, body type, experience, and mindset.


Still not sure? We get it… you have choices when it comes to where you spend your time. That’s why we offer your first Pilates class or group fitness class for a discounted rate so you can experience how different our classes/community are. We know our classes speak for themselves.

Pilates classes & Group Fitness classes for everyone.

Speaking of classes…


Our Pilates community classes include:

50-minute classes of 5-10 people at our Sedona and Cottonwood studios.


These classes are taught in progression so every class is great for Pilates newbies and experts alike.


*These classes don’t count for our Group Fitness Memberships*

We offer 3 different Reformer Pilates Classes:

Find the workout that fits your schedule and your needs.

These sessions are for you if:

You want to join a Pilates community that thrives on fitness and fun!

50-60 minute classes of 5-15 people at our Cottonwood studio.


Taught in progression – making every class ideal for all experience levels.


Challenge yourself or take it easy and feel good moving your body.


We offer 6 different Group Fitness Classes:

These sessions are for you if:

You want to gain confidence, strength, or skill as you move your body.

Pilates and Personal Fitness

A more personal approach… because you’re worth it.


Private lessons are available in our Cottonwood and Sedona studios. Or book them to take place in the comfort of your home.


We offer all our Pilates classes and Group Fitness classes as a private session.

These sessions are for you if you:

  • aren’t comfortable in a group setting
  • are new to pilates and prefer a crash course
  • are rehabbing an injury
  • want more in-depth help from our instructors

Let’s not be strangers…

Hi, I’m Makenzie. I grew up in Cottonwood and moved back in 2020. It was then I realized the Pilates community I had come to love in other cities, didn’t exist here. If I wanted a Pilates community to rely on and thrive in, I’d need to start one myself.


So I did.


I knew I needed to build a community of people to connect with through movement… and Sultivate was the result!

Pilates instructors

Sultivate was created to help people like you maximize your potential, experience life to the fullest, and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Makenzie Sulfaro

founder of Sultivate

Founder of Sultivate

We’re not mind readers… but you’re wondering, “Where do I sign up?!”

So here’s the process.

Pick your location.


You can choose Pilates in Sedona.




Group fitness and Pilates in Cottonwood.


Your first-time discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Choose your class.


Our classes book quickly so make sure you schedule online or join a waiting list for the class of your choice.


Book classes singly or get a flexible membership.


Want more information on all of our classes and memberships?

Come workout with us!


Bring movement back into your life. It can be hard to maintain momentum and motivation to work out when you’re doing it alone.


So take the easy, feel-good road instead… join our amazing Pilates community.


Are you a fitness pro? We promise our classes will challenge you and elevate your fitness.

See you in class!