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Elizabeth Vlangas

Yoga Instructor

Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

Elizabeth has over 1000 hours of teacher training in various types of yoga including, traditional hatha yoga, Yogafit,, tantric philosophy, kundalini yoga, meridian yoga, yin yoga, chair yoga, restorative yoga, Iyengar-based yoga, yoga nidra, meditation and breath work. She also has a degree in exercise science. For 10 years she ran a successful yoga studio and teacher training in Manchester, NH. Riverflow Yoga, was voted best yoga studio in Southern NH 6 times and she was voted “best yoga instructor“ 7 years in a row. Elizabeth teaches an eclectic Hatha/vinyasa blend style of yoga. What this means is- classes are a mixed form of yoga that includes classical time honored poses blended with contemporary styles of yoga that when combined create her unique and intelligent breath oriented Vinyasa flows. In other words, it does not follow one strict method or consistent routine of postures. She offers various ways to practice the poses and offers many modifications to her flows making her classes perfect for all levels of experience.

We were created by love as love to be love.

Elizabeth Vlangas

More about me

Why people love my classes.

I teach yoga, not just poses. So in my classes you learn how to use the power of your breath, your mind and your body to create change in your life. I teach to empower people.

How I put positivity in motion.

I teach to the individual- even in a group setting. There is always a modification to the pose that makes it accessible to everyone. I use humor and story telling and I don’t take myself or the practice too seriously. It’s about finding the joy in practice.

Outside of Sultivate™

Hiking. Lots of hiking. And yoga of course! I make mala necklaces and bracelets and I am also a voracious reader.

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