Lori Maddox

Instructor/ Instructor Manager

Hi, I'm Lori!

Lori has been trained in an extensive Pilates Sports Center program. She is certified in Mat and Reformer, but is pushing on to master all the fun equipment that can coordinate with a reformer. In addition to her love of Pilates, she has a love for strength training and growing those muscles! She is currently working on her NASM and has taken the BodyBarre training. Lori has an amazing motivating personality and is the perfect person to help push you through your workout! Lori has been an Arizona resident for nine years, originally coming from Kansas. She has loved working out since her early twenties and has always wanted to become an instructor. She is a passionate, upbeat person, who wants to utilize your time with The Studio's equipment.

"Don't strive for perfection. It doesn't exist. Strive for a better you, that's always in reach." -Brett Hoebel

Lori Maddox

More about me

Why people love my classes.

I try my best to make each class personal to each client. I focus on breathing and form with an upbeat attitude.

How I put positivity in motion.

In my class we work hard, but also share laughs and personal best achievements.

Outside of Sultivate™

When I’m not taxi cabbing, attending sports games, or feeding ravished teenagers… I enjoy messing with my many plants, riding our horses or iron horses.

Have you taken my class before?

I always welcome your feedback!