Serena Smith


Hi, I'm Serena!

Serena started tap and ballet lessons at 2 years old. She continued dancing for the next 20 plus years studying various forms of modern and cultural dances. Her Masters degree is in Dance and Educational Curriculum K-12, allowing her to teach in schools incorporating dance as an interdisciplinary art form of learning. Training in the Pilates Method was an organic transition from dance. She completed a rigorous 1000 hour Teacher Training program in 2005 at The Vineyard Pilates Center on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. From there she ventured outside of Chicago to co-create a fully equipped Pilates studio. After 8 wonderful years operating and teaching at that studio, she decided to relocate her life to beautiful Sedona. Living in Sedona since 2015, she teaches Private Pilates lessons on her Pilates Reformer as well as Mat classes for the community.

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change,"- Wayne Dyer

Serena Smith

More about me

Why people love my classes.

The emphasis of decompression and creating space in the body through intentional breath to support a pain-free experience.

How I put positivity in motion.

I enjoy integrating education on anatomy and spiritual well-being to promote self-empowerment through greater awareness.

Outside of Sultivate™

I hike, play drums, gongs, dance, and share home-cooked food!

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I always welcome your feedback!